Proinstal G302 - Background

For six years Proinstal G302 has provided imaginative, practical, cost-effective engineering solutions.

The Company was founded in ROMANIA in 1991 by Mr. Gânj Ioan

Proinstal G302 is a national leader in the planning, engineering and project management of gas and water resource developments. The Company provides a broad range of services for gas and water transportation systems, industrial installations, thermal plants, and distribution systems.

Proinstal G302 commitment to quality has been demonstrated on assignments in over 6 districts. With a strong national presence and project offices on six districts, Proinstal G302 is well positioned to respond to clients' needs in a global economy.

Well Positioned.......In Romania, Proinstal G302 Limited provides a diversified range of services to clients from offices across the country.

Proinstal G302 has continually adapted its range of services and methodologies to meet the needs of its clients to allow them to respond to change.

Well Prepared....... Proinstal G302 staff includes all major engineering diciplines (civil, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and geotechnical) as well as economists, planners. Proinstal G302 experienced project management specialists provide cost-effective and timely control of projects through the use of advanced computer software, hardware and project management systems. Computer-aided design and drafting, and highly specialized engineering skills complement Proinstal G302 basic range of services.

Proinstal G302 can meet clients' needs at any stage in a project cycle, from conceptual planning to construction management.

Well Informed....... For over 6 years, Proinstal G302 focus has been general contractor. Proinstal G302 is recognized as one of the national's leading general contractor firms and is committed to remaining in the forefront.

Continual advancement towards higher levels of technical excellence and innovation allows Proinstal G302 to respond to clients' needs and to foresee future ones.

Proinstal G302 can bring a world of experience, expertise and insight to finding and implementing cost-effective solutions.

Proinstal G302 - Organizational Structure

The main office is located in ROMANIA, BISTRITA, Str Petru Rares, Nr 2A

The company PROINSTAL G302 -has many representatives all over the country:

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Proinstal G302 - Services

The company PROINSTAL G302 provide :


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